As a Dentist in Brooklyn, We Offer Dental Sealant Treatment and Fluoride Treatment

Family DentistryAs a dentist in Brooklyn, we can provide you and your children with dental sealant treatment and fluoride treatment to help you fight cavities more powerfully. Both of these preventative dentistry techniques are affordable, easy to fit into a dentist visit, and can offer your teeth extra protection.

Reasons for Dental Sealant Treatment and Fluoride Treatment

Both adults and children are prone to cavities, even with the best dental care. Children are often more likely to develop cavities due to their food choices (sugary, acidic, and processed foods and drinks) and not having fully developed brushing and flossing habits. Because dental sealant treatment and fluoride treatment from a family dentistry office are so effective in protecting teeth from decay-causing bacteria, we recommend children receive both and have their sealant checked for chips once a year. Children can benefit greatly from these preventative techniques that our family dentistry office provides during these important years of teeth development. Visiting a family dentistry office regularly will also help ingrain the importance of proper oral hygiene health in the minds of your children, so they will practice great habits forever.

Many adults are naturally more prone to developing cavities due to a lack of fluoridated water intake growing up and other genetic factors. If you feel like you take excellent care of your teeth and gums, yet still seem to always have a cavity when you visit a dentist in Brooklyn, you should seek out receiving dental sealant treatment and fluoride treatment during your next visit.

Dental Sealant Treatment and Fluoride Treatment Process

Dental sealant treatment is an incredibly effective and very simple process. It can be done in less than 30 minutes. The dental sealant will be applied to the chewing surfaces of you or your child's back teeth (premolars and molars). This area is where decay most often occurs due to the many tiny crevices within the cusps of your teeth. After the sealant is applied, we will give it time to dry and harden to a plastic-like film that stays in place for years. The sealant may need to be checked over during regular visits to our family dentistry office to ensure it has not worn off.

Fluoride treatment can also be easily performed and will provide you or your child's teeth with the extra minerals needed to continue proper remineralizing that should occur naturally. The natural fluoride substance helps strengthen teeth, repair minor cavities, and prevent further decay. Fluoride can be applied in foam, gel, varnish, or rinse form. It will be left on for a few minutes, then rinsed off.

As you can see, visiting a dentist in Brooklyn for a dental sealant treatment and fluoride treatment is a simple, affordable, and rewarding process. Receiving one or both of these protective treatments will save you money in the future that you would have spent repairing cavities. To keep your and your child's teeth in the best possible health, visit our office to learn more.

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