How Dentists Use Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers Brooklyn, NY

Cosmetic surgeons use dermal fillers to smoothen fine lines and even add youthful volume to facial skin. Yet, because of advances in cosmetic dentistry, you can get fillers with your smile makeover as well. Dermal fillers can help brighten your smile even more. If you want to find out how dentists use dermal fillers, here are the facts.

The function

Dermal fillers are gel-like and soft. Cosmetic surgeons usually inject them under the patient’s skin to correct under-eye circles, add volume to the lips, lift cheekbones, smoothen nasolabial folds, and even out lip lines. Dentists are now using fillers for their treatments. A common compound in dermal fillers is HA (hyaluronic acid). HA injections can last for at least six months. Then, these fillers will become absorbed by the body.

Closing black gaps

These black gaps act as a space-filler between two consecutive teeth. When this gum is small, a small, black gap remains between these two teeth. A dentist can assess these gaps and then use dermal fillers to volumize these pieces of gum tissue. The interdental gum tissue becomes large enough to close the black gap between teeth. These black gaps tend to make teeth look tapering at the base.

Improving the shape of the jaw and chin

Dermal fillers can also enhance the look of the patient’s jaw and chin. If the patient has a weak chin, a visit to the dentist can increase the definition and size of that part of the facial area. A strong jaw is attractive to most. That is why many patients go to the dentist to have jaw dermal fillers. A distinct chin and jaw can make anyone’s presence more noticeable.

Removing facial lines

When a person smiles, the first lines to appear are those from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. These are also called smile lines. The next set of lines are the marionette lines. These form when the muscles around the mouth, cheeks, and nose weaken. With these fillers, the dentist can add more definition and volume to drooping skin.

Treating TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain

Dermal fillers can target a patient’s TMJ. Adding more volume to the muscles surrounding the TMJ allows smoother movement. The dermal fillers act as a cushion around the joint. It reduces pain and discomfort. Because the TMJ is not painful anymore, headaches from the jaw pain go down. The patient does not need to wear a mouthguard anymore.

Creating fuller lips

The dentist can also use dermal fillers to complete a patient’s smile makeover. Dermal filler injections can make the lips fuller. This is an aesthetic use of dermal fillers. It helps increase the patient’s self-image.

Dermal fillers can enhance your dental health and overall appearance

A beautiful smile needs a beautiful frame. With dermal fillers, your dentist can correct your gums and improve your dental support. Your dentist can also give you a strong jaw and distinct chin by injecting those areas with dermal fillers. Discussing your dental and aesthetic goals with your dentist can get you started with your dermal filling treatment.

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