Is Dental Botox® Painful?

Dental Botox Brooklyn, NY

Considering dental botox®? Botox® has most commonly been used to improve facial features for cosmetic purposes, however, dentists have found that it can be quite beneficial for treating patients who suffer from TMJ disorders, bruxism, and jaw clenching. Nonetheless, because the practice is newer to dentistry, there are still some questions. For example, a lot of dental patients wonder how painful, if any, the procedure is. Read on to learn more about the dental applications of Botox®.

Understanding dental Botox®

Below is a quick overview of dental Botox, including what it is and how painful the process may be. This information can be helpful to individuals who are exploring treatment options for TMJ and other oral issues.

Dental Botox® defined

Botox consists of injections that contain botulinum toxin, which is a neurotoxic protein. As Botox relates to dentistry, the goal is to tackle dental-related issues, such as TMJ disorders, bruxism, and jaw clenching, all of which can have a negative impact on the teeth and the entire oral cavity.

Typically, general and cosmetic dentists offer dental Botox. Generally, Botox is administered a couple of times a month directly into the facial muscles. The procedure does not take more than 20 minutes.

Pain and discomfort

Individuals who are considering dental Botox but are not sure about what to expect should know that there is some slight discomfort at the injection site during and after the procedure. Because needle injections are used, there may be some slight bruising and swelling afterward, both of which are completely normal.

Patients are advised to avoid ice or cold compresses after the injection as this can get in the way of the results. However, a gentle facial massage can be done to spread the injections around into the muscles. Dentists also recommend that the patient avoids physical activity immediately following the procedure as this gives the face and entire body a chance to heal and adapt to the dental Botox.

Other things to know

It is important to know that dental Botox is not for everyone. Each person has varying needs, which means they may not always respond to the injections in the same way. Some people notice results within a couple of days, whereas others may never see the desired results. Additionally, it is good to understand that dental Botox is used primarily to improve the way patients feel, as opposed to cosmetic correction. Some conditions, like gummy smiles, can be addressed with dental Botox; however, dentists primarily administer it to patients suffering from facial soreness, pain, or dysfunction.

Find out more about dental Botox®

When looking for further information on dental Botox, it is best to consult directly with a general dentist who can provide specific details. To start, the dentist will perform an evaluation in order to determine the most appropriate course of action. The patient can also ask questions or go over concerns regarding the treatment. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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