Is Teledentistry Effective for Diagnosis and Treatment

Is Teledentistry Effective for Diagnosis and Treatment from MG Dental in Brooklyn, NYMany patients are busy and are just seeking a professional opinion of their symptoms. In cases like these, one of the best alternatives to an office visit is a virtual consultation. In this article, we discuss what information a teledentist can effectively provide and when a traditional appointment is need to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment.

The effectiveness of teledentistry

Teledentistry involves using modern communication tools to diagnose and treat patients. It is currently the primary way people with non-emergency dental issues can get the treatments they need. It often involves using video chats, phone calls, text messages or data transfers. It provides a more convenient treatment option for patients. The average person only spends 17 minutes talking to a dentist or being treated for every hour spent at the clinic.

Teledentistry has been proven to be effective as patients who go this route have similar success rates with those who go for in-office treatments. Diagnoses made with teledentistry are typically as accurate as those made with visual examinations in the dentist's chair.

Only about 50 percent of people in the U.S. visit a dentist regularly and they usually make these visits when the dental issue they are dealing with has morphed into an emergency. People tend to hold off going to the dentist due to costs, dental phobia or the inconvenience it creates.

Teledentistry makes it easier for patients to get the treatments they need since they simply need internet access to connect with a dentist. It allows people with minor dental issues to tackle them when they occur instead of waiting for the problem to turn into something worse.

Dental procedures that can be effectively performed with teledentistry include:

  • Assessments: Dentists can use teledentistry to assess their patients and determine if the person needs to come to the clinic.
  • Prescriptions: Once a patient has been remotely assessed, the dentist can write an e-script for prescriptions, like antibiotics and pain killers.
  • Supervision: Teledentistry can be used to monitor a patient’s progress after getting dental treatments. For example, it can be used to observe how orthodontic appliances, like braces, are moving a person’s teeth.

Many insurance providers now cover teledentistry as it becomes more popular as a way to provide dental care. Remote treatments also provide dental access to many who live far away from the dentist and those who do not have dental coverage. Dental costs are significantly reduced with teledentistry.

The benefits of teledentistry treatments include:

  • Reduces the risk of infections for both the dentists and their patients.
  • Allows patients to get the treatments they need from the comfort of their homes.
  • Can be effectively used to diagnose and treat minor oral issues.
  • Can be used to educate the patient on how to take proper care of their teeth.
  • Provides a cheaper option for patients.
  • Allows the dentist to monitor the patient’s progress after getting treatments.

Give teledentistry a try

Those with less pressing issues can be treated with teledentistry. Give us a call to start the process.

Request an appointment here: or call MG Dental at (718) 416-6444 for an appointment in our Brooklyn office.

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