Your Teeth and Middle Age: Tips From a Brooklyn Dentist

Brooklyn dentistAs a Brooklyn dentist office, we treat patients of all ages and focus on preventative care so that our patients can remain in good health as they age.  While many dentists focus on the importance of educating children about good oral health, we feel that the education should continue well into adulthood.  Many adults think that as long as they brush twice a day, they can set their oral health on autopilot and not think about it.  This simply isn't the case, as oral health concerns are just as important during middle age as they were when you were a child.  In fact, some oral health concerns are more prevalent during this time period.

Did you know that as you age, your teeth are at an increased risk of sensitivity?  This is because the enamel that protects your teeth can wear away over time and typically does to some degree.  The foods that you eat can influence this and so we warn patients to avoid foods that are highly acidic like lemons and limes since they can leave acid on the teeth that will in turn start to attack and erode the enamel.  Once the enamel has worn away, it won't grow back naturally so we suggest taking steps to avoid it in the first place.  You can do so by reducing or eliminating how many foods you consume that are high in acid content.  We also recommend switching to a soft toothbrush and being gentle while cleaning your teeth.  While these things will help, if you already have significant erosion, you may want to consider wearing dental crowns in order to protect your teeth.  They can be created in a tooth-colored material in order to look natural and will even help your teeth to appear bright and white.

Another common concern in middle age is tooth decay and tooth loss.  The majority of adults have lost, or suffered decay in, at least three teeth between the ages of 20 and 64.  This condition is incredibly common, and if you have suffered tooth loss, thought must be put towards how you intend to replace them.  In our Brooklyn dentist office, we offer dental implants as a more permanent and durable solution since an implant provides you with a new tooth but also fortifies the jawbone.  This way you can avoid some of the standard bone loss that comes with missing teeth.  If you would prefer a non-surgical method, we also offer dental bridges and dentures.  All of these options can appear natural and help to preserve your facial structure and speech patterns as you age.

Our middle age patients also commonly complain of dry mouth.  As a Brooklyn dentist office, we recommend drinking more water since the more hydrated you are, the more saliva you have.  While simple, keeping your mouth hydrated will prevent bad breath, reduce the risk for cavities, and help your mouth to remain healthier over time.

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