Why Is Teledentistry Effective for Diagnosis and Treatment

Why Is Teledentistry Effective for Diagnosis and Treatment from MG Dental in Brooklyn, NYTeledentistry can be helpful for people who need dental care but cannot visit their dentist. Although the practice is relatively new and unknown to many, it can be a helpful resource to make use. Following closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more medical offices began offering this service. Now that businesses are back open, it’s clear that virtual visits are the way of the future. Ready to learn more?

Teledentistry for diagnosis and treatment

Outlined below is important information on teledentistry, which can be used to diagnose and treat certain dental conditions that are not necessarily emergencies.

What is teledentistry?

Before learning about how teledentistry can diagnose and treat certain dental conditions, it is important to understand what teledentistry actually is. According to AmericanTeledentistry.org, teledentistry is defined as the use of electronic information, imaging and communication technologies to provide and support dental care and delivery, diagnosis, consultation and treatment, as well as the transfer of dental information and education.

In short, teledentistry is used by people who are not able to physically visit a dentist's office. Consultations may be done virtually through a video-conferencing service. Additionally, dentists can diagnose and treat patients through teledentistry.

Diagnosing dental conditions through teledentistry

If a person has an oral health concern that is not an emergency, then they can turn to teledentistry for help. A teledentistry professional will consult with the person regarding their concerns, which may consist of pain or abnormalities. Images may be taken and sent to the dentist so they can get a better idea of what the problem is. Additionally, a video conference may be helpful.

It is important for the patient to disclose anything relevant to their dental or oral health to ensure that the dentist has all the necessary information. Once the dentist has had a chance to review all the information, they can make a diagnosis.

Treatment through teledentistry

Once a diagnosis has been made, the dentist will come up with a treatment plan. Typically, the treatment plan is made during the teledentistry session. However, in some cases, the dentist may need a day or two to determine what the actual problem is. Depending on the problem, the dentist may recommend a medication or oral rinse for the patient to use in order to remedy their condition. In some cases, at-home remedies can be used, such as a saltwater rinse or over-the-counter pain medications.

Is teledentistry effective?

Although teledentistry might not seem as accurate as physically visiting a dentist, patients should rest assured. The dentists who practice teledentistry undergo the same training and education that physical practicing dentists do. Many dentists offer both teledentistry and physical treatment.

Conditions that are not severe or emergent can efficiently be handled through teledentistry. However, those suffering from severe things such as an abscess or a decayed tooth should visit a physical dentist right away. Teledentistry can be an effective resource that helps diagnose and treat conditions that should not go ignored.

Learn more today!

Teledentistry is a great way to undergo diagnosis and treatment for certain dental conditions. Any questions or concerns about the use of teledentistry should be addressed by a dental professional. Reach out today to learn more or to get started with a teledentistry session.

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