Gallery of Stunning Smiles

Welcome to our Smile Gallery. Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations, and hear from our actual patients about their experiences before and after the dentist's chair.


Many people think that misaligned ”crooked” teeth are impossible to correct without conventional braces (I.e. wires and brackets) - in some instances clear aligners from Invisalign can accomplish the correction very easily over the period of 6-9 months. No wires, no discomfort –properly planned treatment using aligners can achieve the results above.


This woman was very conscious about the appearance of her two anterior teeth. Braces were not an option for her. We went through several Treatment plans - finally the decision was made to place crowns on her two front teeth. Being a perfectionist, I have recommended to further “tweak” her smile with Veneers and some gingival (gum) correction. However, she was ecstatic about the outcome and didn’t want to do anything else at that time.

Smile Correction

This young man presented with odd looking front teeth. We decided to whiten his smile first, and then two ceramic crowns were placed over the “sharp” looking teeth. I have suggested to place Veneers on the two central front teeth as well due to discoloration and to close small space in between-however, he refused but mentioned that he would definitely return to better his smile further.


This older gentleman came in to our office complaining that his bridge on the lower left side came loose. After careful examination we discovered that the teeth supporting the bridge are no longer salvageable. Implants or partial denture were the only alternatives. He stated that he couldn’t wear a removable denture therefore implants were the only choice. Two implants were positioned in place of extracted teeth. After 4 month s healing period a new bridge was fabricated and fitted over implants.


We are often being asked by our patients “If I whiten my teeth, will I get good results?” My answer is always based on a number of factors: initial teeth color, the presence or absence of fillings, crowns or Veneers, social habits, diet and i.e... You will definitely have whiter teeth, but the big question is “How much whiter?”

New Smile

This patient presented with some ill-fitting crowns, “gummy “smile and dark teeth. We completely rejuvenated her smile with some gum recontouring and replacement of her old crowns with lighter colored metal free crowns. The result was phenomenal! This was a true comprehensive case where multiple dental procedures were used.


This patient is an 18 year old girl who was self-conscious about her spaces between her front teeth.