Teledentistry: Virtual Care for Urgent Dental Problems

Teledentistry: Virtual Care for Urgent Dental Problems from MG Dental in Brooklyn, NYPatients can get the diagnosis, advice, and emergency treatment they need through teledentistry and emergency dentistry services. It is helpful to understand what teledentistry is and how it can help with urgent dental problems, so you can determine if you should schedule an appointment.

Teledentistry for urgent dental care

More dentists than ever before are utilizing teledentistry as a way to check up on and diagnose patients. The following is an overview of teledentistry for urgent dental problems, including what teledentistry is, what is considered an urgent dental problem and what to expect during your teledentistry appointment.

An overview of teledentistry

Teledentistry is a type of dental visit that is done virtually. This means that it is done through computer technology, and it typically involves the use of a laptop, tablet or desktop computer and a telecommunications application such as Skype. There are many reasons that a patient and dentist may choose to have a teledentistry appointment. For long-term patients, it is a way to check up on their oral health and receive a diagnosis for symptoms. It can also be utilized as a way to diagnose and receive treatment for urgent dental problems.

How teledentistry can help with urgent dental problems

Teledentistry can help with urgent dental problems by providing patients with an accurate diagnosis for their concerning symptoms without having to come into the office. If the issue is not as severe as the patient thought it was, then the dentist may recommend using home treatment and good oral hygiene to treat the concern. For urgent oral health concerns, many dentists still offer treatment for patients who need emergency dentistry. In this case, the dentist may recommend the patient come to the dentist’s office for treatment.

What is considered an urgent dental problem?

An urgent dental problem is any oral health concern that is not likely to improve on its own. It may also pose a risk of long-term complications, such as tooth loss. More common urgent dental problems include:

  • Damaged teeth
  • Oral infections
  • Loose teeth
  • Severe cavities
  • Severe gum disease

There are many other possible urgent dental problems. Any time that oral health symptoms are severe or last for an extended period of time, it is encouraged to ask the dentist to have a look via a teledentistry visit.

What to expect during your teledentistry visit

Patients can expect the dentist to discuss the symptoms that the patient is experiencing and provide a treatment recommendation. They may also request pictures of the concern in the patient’s mouth to form the most accurate diagnosis possible. The dentist can either suggest treating the concern at home or coming to the office if it is an urgent issue.

Talk to a dentist today to learn more

If you have an urgent dental problem, then reach out to our friendly dental team today to schedule a teledentistry appointment. We can answer your questions and provide insights into the best way to deal with your concerns.

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